Arduino 37 in 1 Sensor Kit



Not sure which sensor you would like to experiment with? Not to worry! Because this sensor kit has a bunch of sensors for you to play with! Included in this sensor kit is 37 different type of sensors - You can experiment with different combinations to create some very interesting projects.

Please note that all sensors are male pin type, so you will need male-female jumper wires to connect it to your Arduino.



  • 1x Passive buzzer module
  • 1x 2-color LED module
  • 1x Hit sensor module
  • 1x Vibration switch module
  • 1x Photo resistor module
  • 1x Key switch module
  • 1x Tilt switch module
  • 1x 3-color full-color LED SMD modules
  • 1x Infrared emission sensor module
  • 1x 3-color LED module
  • 1x Mercury open optical module
  • 1x Yin Yi 2-color LED module 3MM
  • 1x Active buzzer module
  • 1x Temperature sensor module
  • 1x Automatic flashing colorful LED module
  • 1x Mini magnetic reed modules
  • 1x Hall magnetic sensor module
  • 1x Infrared sensor receiver module
  • 1x Class Bihor magnetic sensor
  • 1x Magic light cup module
  • 1x Rotary encoder module
  • 1x Optical broken module
  • 1x Detect the heartbeat module
  • 1x Reed module
  • 1x Obstacle avoidance sensor module
  • 1x Hunt sensor module
  • 1x Microphone sound sensor module
  • 1x Laser sensor module
  • 1x 5V relay module
  • 1x Temperature sensor module
  • 1x Temperature sensor module
  • 1x Linear magnetic Hall sensors
  • 1x Flame sensor module
  • 1x Sensitive microphone sensor module
  • 1x Temperature and humidity sensor module
  • 1x XY-axis joystick module
  • 1x Metal touch sensor module