Arduino Kits

Arduino Starter Kit

Not sure where to start learning Arduino? Here's what you need! Included in this set are many basic items such as motor, buttons, LEDs, sensors, LCD, breadboard, jumper wires and of course most importantly your very own Arduino Uno (OEM).

Gravity Starter Kit for Arduino

Gravity Arduino Starter kit is a plug & play electronics toolkit that provides Arduino beginners and makers with the easiest experience of learning and playing with the Arduino platform.

Arduino Sensor Kit

Arduino Sensor Kit consists of 37 sensors in 1 kit! This sensor kit is for the super adventurous, where you can get your hands on many popular sensors.
Arduino Sensor Kit does not include Arduino Uno (OEM).

Beginner Kit for Arduino

Welcome to the electronic interaction world! DFRobot proudly presents the Arduino Beginner/Starter Kit for those who are interested in learning about Arduino and electronics.

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