Bare Conductive Touch Board Pro Kit



Explore all the capabilities of the Touch Board, Electric Paint, and Printed Sensors.

The Touch Board Pro Kit has everything you need to make a variety of interactive projects, from proximity sensing to long-distance sensors and more. Included in the kit, you will find all the tools and resources to prototype your projects.


Extend the Touch Board’s capabilities

Add features to your capacitive sensing project with the Proto Shield. This shield makes it easy to add Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LEDs, and many more functions to your project.*

* Additional components sold externally


Prototype proximity sensing

Printed Sensors are the perfect tool to quickly and easily set up a proximity sensing prototype. Test the sensors behind different surfaces or materials, cut them down, or change their shape.


Create long-distance sensors

If you’re planning on scaling up your projects, copper tape is the ideal material to combine with Printed Sensors and Electric Paint to create long-distance sensors.


Powered by the Touch Board

Straight out of the box, the Touch Board is pre-programmed to turn any conductive object into a sensor or switch to play sounds stored on the included microSD card.
It can be re-programmed via the Arduino IDE so you can customize the function of the 12 capacitive touch and proximity sensors.



The Touch Board is a microcontroller board with dedicated capacitive touch and MP3 decoder ICs. It has a headphone socket and micro SD card holder (for file storage), as well as having 12 capacitive touch electrodes. It is based around the ATmega32U4 and runs at 16MHz from 5V. It has a micro USB connector, a JST connector for an external lithium polymer (LiPo) cell, a power switch and a reset button. It is similar to the Arduino Leonardo board and can be programmed using the Arduino IDE. The ATmega32U4 can appear to a connected computer as a mouse or a keyboard, (HID) serial port (CDC) or USB MIDI device.


  • Microcontroller: Microchip ATmega32U4
  • Audio output:15mW into 32Ω via 3.5mm stereo socket
  • Removable storage: Up to 32GB via micro SD card
  • Operating voltage: 5V DC
  • Max. output current (5V rail): 400mA (100mA at startup)
  • Capacitive touch electrodes: 12 (of which 8 can be configured as digital I/O)
  • Digital I/O Pins: 12, of which 5 can are dedicated but can be unlinked via solder blobs
  • PWM channels: 7 (shared with digital I/O pins)
  • Analogue input channels: 12 (shared with digital I/O pins



  • 1x Touch Board
  • 1x Electric Paint 10ml Tube
  • 1x Electric Paint 50ml Jar
  • 3x A5 Printed Sensors
  • 1x Touch Board Proto Shield
  • 1x Header Kit
  • 1x 15m Copper Tape
  • 1x Resource guide
  • 1x MicroSD Card
  • 1x MicroSD Card Reader
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 10x Alligator Clips (colours vary)