Power the Future with Data Science

As a modern country, Singapore heavily relies on data science to power its vision.

But who drives that role? Who powers the government agencies that build our nation?

What if we told you it could be your child?

At Kuriosity, we want to see Singapore achieve the goal of being a smart nation. That's why we offer a wide range of STEM coding and robotics courses, from beginner to expert levels.

We believe that everyone should have the chance to learn a skill as valuable as coding and programming.

Our courses don't work alone. We need fresh young minds willing to be what it takes to be Singapore's next tech talent.

Our beginner coding classes require no coding or electronics experience.

In fact, we highly encourage you to attend the beginner course if your child is a first-timer!

Our beginner coding and programming courses are suitable for any students that are keen to learn.

Our easy-to-understand coding curriculum, small class sizes and comfortable learning environment ensure that all students have a pleasant learning experience.

By the end of our coding courses, your kids will be proficient in coding and robotics.

Before you know it, they'll be ready to build their first coding project!


Child-friendly Coding Classes and Programming Courses Singapore


In our current society, data science is the backbone of everything we do. For example, without web development (which stems from coding and programming), this webpage you are reading wouldn't exist!

Kuriosity wants to equip your kids with the coding skills required to advance in this digital world.

Our coding classes are designed to equip beginners with the fundamentals of coding.

Our coding programme teaches valuable, transferable skills, including robotics and programming languages such as Python Programming and C Programming.

It's just like signing up your kids for extra language classes!

Our fun coding workshops are sure to make your child fall in love with programming.

Once mastered, these skills are suitable for many applications in the working field, such as web development, data analytics, cyber security, game development, artificial intelligence and more.

The sky is truly the limit!

As long as students put their minds to it, there is nothing our young learners can't achieve. As a result, we have seen some truly unique projects from our students throughout the coding course.

In addition to machine learning, coding helps your child develop soft skills that would aid them in any field they choose to pursue, regardless if it is computer science-related or not.

Computational thinking would enhance students' creativity and problem-solving skills, encouraging them to look at real-world problems from a different perspective.

That's not all!

Our coding programme would teach kids teamwork and presentation skills as well. All valuable skills in their school years and even future working life.


Weekly Programming Courses & Coding Bootcamp Singapore


We conduct weekly sessions and 1-day workshops. All our coding classes are conducted here, in sunny Singapore!

Our coding educators at Kuriosity have a stellar track record with students. They are experienced and patient, willing to work through all the programming details and coding troubleshooting with students.

Besides, our classes are held throughout the year, which means it's perfect for some parent-child bonding time when schools' out for the holidays!

Our programming course would definitely keep children and parents alike entertained.

Bonding with your kids by learning a new skill such as coding together is a fun way to pass the school holidays.

Finally, students who complete our programming courses fully will receive certification for their efforts.

Already experienced? Try out our advanced courses.


Singapore Coding & Robotics Training


If you’re looking to prepare for a robotics competition, we got your back as well!

Our coding and robotics curriculum will equip you with a hands-on approach to learning the advanced functions of robotics technology. In addition, the training from our course will surely give you an edge in any competition!

Free Singapore Coding Classes


Not sure if the coding and robotics course is suitable for you? Not to worry, you can attend our free 1-hour crash course to find out!!


IoT Device with App Dashboard
  • Create a working app by the end of the workshop
  • Control remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Explore IoT and how you can apply it
Artificial Intelligence of Things
  • Learn how AIoT impacts your work
  • Hands-on workshop to create your own AIoT device
  • Sync data with cloud server
IoT Smartwatch
  • Learn how IoT impacts your work
  • Hands-on workshop to create your own IoT device
  • Sync data with cloud server


ESP32 IoT with ThingSpeak Cloud Dashboard Workshop
  • Build edge device with ESP32
  • Implement MQTT protocol
  • Building dashboards on ThingSpeak
Node Red IoT with Grafana Cloud Dashboard
  • Build edge device with ESP32
  • Implement MQTT with Node-RED on Raspberry Pi
  • Building Dashboards on Grafana
Raspberry Pi IoT Workshop
  • Build and programme your very own Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring device.
  • Control your device directly via cloud computing in real-time!
  • Intermediate level
Arduino Coding Workshop for Beginners
  • Learn how to build interactive prototypes!
  • Flexible level: easy for beginners, flexible enough for advanced users.


Computational Thinking and Control with micro:bit
  • Coding & robotics with micro:bit
  • Wireless control with micro:bit
  • Interactive content and games to help you understand micro:bit
  • Quizzes to reinforce your learning
  • Lifetime access