MP3 Module with Speaker



Thinking of adding music / sound to your project? Now you can with this MP3 Module. This MP3 module supports .mp3 and .wav format files. There is a 3W audio amplifier integrated, which can directly power an external speaker.

We've written a library for Arduino/ESP32 that you can use with examples. For detailed communication protocols, click here.



  • Previous song, next song, play, pause, stop, song selection, and other common function control
  • Get the serial number of the playing track, the total tracks and the total tracks in the directory, etc
  • Specified track insertion that you can pause the currently playing music, play the inserted track, and return to the original track breakpoint after playing
  • 30 levels volume adjustment
  • 5 types of EQ adjustment
  • 7 kinds of play mode control; Normal, Jazz, Classic, Pop, Rock and other sound effects
  • System deep sleep, the current is as low as 600uA after sleep, and can be woken up through a line string and command IO
  • Specified time fast forward, fast rewind
  • Repeat reading in specified time period
  • Specifying to start playing from a specified point in time
  • Dedicated BUSY signal output indication



  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Rated Current: 10mA
  • Communication Protocol: Serial UART, 8N1
  • Internal Memory: 8Mb
  • Music Upload Method: Micro USB Port
  • Volume: 30 Levels Adjustable
  • Sampling Rates (KHz): 8 / 11.025 / 12 / 16 / 22.05 / 24 / 32 / 44.1 / 48
  • Audio file format: .mp3 / .wav
  • 24-bit DAC output, dynamic range support 90dB, 85dB SNR support
  • Working Temperature: -40 to 85°C



  • 1x MP3 Module
  • 1x Speaker