Node Red IoT with Grafana Cloud Dashboard


Edge devices with Node-RED and Grafana Cloud Dashboard

Node-RED provides a browser-based flow editor that makes it easy to wire together flows using the wide range of nodes in the palette. Flows can be then deployed to the runtime in a single-click. JavaScript functions can be created within the editor using a rich text editor. A built-in library allows you to save useful functions, templates or flows for re-use.

Query, visualize, alert on, and understand your data no matter where it’s stored. Grafana helps you create, explore and share all of your data through beautiful, flexible dashboards.

This workshop will help you pick up the basics of electronics and coding, and the foundations of physical computing. Vital for many jobs in the future, physical computing is the act of creating interactive systems that can sense and respond to the world around us, allowing humans to communicate through computers. Everything from cars and smartphones to home automation and gaming consoles are tied to coding, robotics, electronics, and mechanical engineering.

Our aim is to help you gain an understanding of the fundamentals of physical computing while providing a hands-on learning experience. And you even get to bring home a custom-built project to continue tinkering on. Your imagination is the limit!

Learning Objectives

Raspberry Pi & IoT using Node-RED

  • Understand Node-RED programming Language for IoT projects
  • Raspberry Pi and Node-RED programming
  • Using Node-RED to read sensors, and create a variety of IoT applications
  • Using Network Protocols, HTTPs and MQTT for IoT Application


Grafana Cloud Dashboard

  • Setup and Run Grafana on Raspberry Pi
  • Build basic dashboards and use different panels
  • Learn how to use variables in Grafana
  • Organize your dashboards with folders and playlists
  • Setup alerting with Emails and Slack


Schedule: 16 hours session

Things to Prepare: Laptop, mouse, water bottle, jacket, pen



Raspberry Pi & IoT using Node-RED

  1. Getting started with Node-RED
  2. Running Node-RED locally on your Raspberry Pi
  3. Node-RED Nodes (Core Nodes, JSON and Dashboard..)
  4. Raspberry Pi interfacing with Hardware using Node-RED
  5. Raspberry Pi Interfacing with Sensors – DHT11/DHT22
  6. IOT with Node-RED
  7. MQTT using Node-RED


Grafana Cloud Dashboard

  1. Install and Setup on Raspberry Pi
  2. Setup a Prometheus DataSource
  3. Building DashBoards
  4. Visualizing DashBoards
  5. Variables
  6. Alerts – Create a Notification Channel
  7. Syncing up with a JSON Data Source