Physical Computing and Control with micro:bit

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micro:bit and robotics

Explore the exciting world of physical computing and create electronic circuits that you can control with code. The Introduction to Physical Computing with micro:bit professional development course covers the basics of physical computing using micro:bit, MakeCode and Block-Based Programming.





  • Module 01 : micro:bit Oveview: Part 1 - Basics
  • Module 02 : micro:bit Oveview: Part 2 - Functions
  • Module 03 : Build maqueen Robot Car and Make Music with the Buzzer
  • Module 04 : Controlling Addressable and Non-Addressable LEDs
  • Module 05: Reading Line Sensors, Line Following and Controlling Motors
  • Module 06: Radio Communication with micro:bit
  • Module 07: Using Gamepad to control maqueen Robot Car Wirelessly
  • Module 06: Reading Ultrasonic Sensor and Avoiding Obstacles


Learning Objectives

  • Able to setup a maqueen robot car & program buzzer to play music using MakeCode editor
  • Control maqueen robot car’s LED light and move in different directions using MakeCode editor
  • Program a maqueen robot car to detect and avoid obstacles using MakeCode editor
  • Program a maqueen robot car to track and follow line using MakeCode editor
  • Control a maqueen robot car wirelessly with a gamepad using MakeCode editor


Format of Course

This course utilizes a online learning approach. The content is provided through a mix of web-based and physical exercises, with students writing and running code in the browser and then downloading code to their physical devices for further testing and exploration.

Each lesson is broken down into modules, which are made up of video tutorials, short quizzes, pseudocode exercises, physical explorations, example programs, and written programming exercises. We have included multiple fun, simple and interactive games so that students can remember the lessons in a more engaging way.


Course Staff


Stephen Wong

ICT Trainer and Consultant
Registered MOE Trainer
Registered PA Trainer
>10 Years Experience