Educators / Teachers

The modern education landscape is changing with the rise in importance of computational thinking. To grow the next generation of STEM movers and shakers, we work closely with educators and institutions to bring project-based STEM learning to the classroom. We provide consultations on building spaces for electronics exploration and supply products for coding classes. We also offer professional development for educators looking to upskill themselves.

Learning Journeys

We conduct monthly free 1-2 hours Learning Journeys for educators where we keep you in the loop of new and upcoming hot products which could help you teach better. We will also be sharing how to get started with these products with a step by step guide from our trainer. Great opportunity to get your hands on the latest sensors, modules and gadgets!

Build An Electronics Space /Makerspace

Develop an open, collaborative work space in your institutions for exploring, learning and cooperating on electronics and coding projects. Our experienced engineers will advise you on the most suitable equipment and tools to engage and inspire students. These spaces encourage hands-on learning, computational thinking and entrepreneurship which will help prepare students for the digital economy. Inspire your students to create today!

Custom Training Sessions

We offer custom training sessions to institutions for both educators and students. Build your curriculum and be inspired to bring new ideas into your classrooms through STEM learning. Students will experience hands-on learning that builds 21st century life skills.

Integrating Electronics in Lessons

The digital economy is here and we want to help you nurture the next generation of tech talent. We conduct hands-on Learning Journeys that teach coding concepts and physical computing to help you develop a core computational thinking mindset and introduce project-based learning to classrooms.

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Event Partnerships

We love sharing our expertise and products with people as passionate as us about electronics. We have partnered with various community events to provide consultations on set-ups and product support. Some notable events include NUS High MakerFest, Science Centre Makerextravaganza, Tech for Good and EduTECH Asia.

If you have an upcoming hackathon, maker event or other exciting venture in the works, let’s chat!

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6 hours session(s) of coding and robotics for serious tinkerers on how tech works. For professionals and students looking to learn or upgrade skills. Begin your STEM education journey here with Kuriosity Singapore.



1.5 hours weekly for 4 sessions of coding and robotics teaching fundamental concepts and introductions to new technology applications. Great place to start preparing your child for their robotics competition! Begin your STEM education journey here with Kuriosity Singapore.



Calling All Curious Minds!

At Kuriosity, we love working with students. We're excited about where the next generation of STEM innovators will lead us and we can't wait to be a part of that journey.


Work on real world projects or initiate a project of your own. We encourage self-directed learning to equip our interns with critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration - critical skills for the 21st century.


Gain hands-on experience in basic coding and engineering. Learn to innovate within your personal project and solve real world problems.


Stuck on a problem? Our experienced engineers will be there to guide you through diagnosing issues and turning problem statements into actual and practical solutions. Ask them anything!

The Process


Drop us an email with your CV and contact details at


Tell us all about yourself and what motivates you. We want to know if you'll be a good fit.


If selected, you will work with us on various projects on-site!


We have no age restrictions but you are expected to be professional. Internships can be arranged during the semester and during school holidays. You should be able to commit a minimum of 2 consecutive weeks.



School of Science and Technology

It was a fun environment & the staff were helpful. We could ask questions without feeling embarrassed.
The internship helped me to gain creative & critical thinking skills, as well as expanding my knowledge on IoT & micro:bit. The problem statements given also allowed me to understand society better & made me want to improve the daily lives of people.


School of Science and Technology

We learned many new things that we can apply in the future. I liked that in this internship I was exposed to a new system, micro:bit. I learned how to use if-else blocks and neopixel strips, and about what micro:bit can do.


Temasek Polytechnic

Throughout this internship, I have gained in-depth knowledge about IoT, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and micro:bit. All these are new to me thus I enjoy learning how to build various projects with these kits. I learnt how to use Arduino and Raspberry Pi to create projects that are practical and can be used at home.


Temasek Polytechnic

It is a whole new level of experience that I was able to try out the assembling of a DIY Computer just by using the Raspberry Pi and a few other items. This has got me to know more about the world of electronics and how each component plays such a crucial role to ensure that a certain project is able to operate without an issue.


Temasek Polytechnic

A really great experience, got to learn more about electronics and also quite interesting to see how so many projects can be made and DIY with just a few simple components.


Temasek Polytechnic

It was an eye-opening experience where I gained a lot of knowledge regarding electronics and STEM in general. Being an intern gave me the perfect opportunity to experiment hands-on and research on projects which I have never tried before and thus was interesting.


Temasek Polytechnic

Eye-opening experience where I get to know a lot more about the electronics industry as well as STEM itself . I learnt that how interesting it is that some of the projects are that we use and see in our daily lives can be built at home with a few components.

Lim Yee Shien

Temasek Polytechnic

I was exposed to many concepts such as Internet of Things and learned about many enthusiast components / peripherals and microcontrollers such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Not only have I learned many interesting things about coding, programming, and putting together a smart device, but I have also learned much about content creation. It was an experience that definitely developed my budding tinkerer's spirit!


Temasek Polytechnic

Wonderful and educational!

Jing Xuan

Temasek Polytechnic

My internship has been an insightful journey, from gaining project knowledge to ideating designs and filming videos. Even though, I do not have any background knowledge about electronic products and projects initially, but the guidance and support provided allowed me to acquire different skills and knowledge.

Ye Kai

Temasek Polytechnic

It was fun and interesting as I got to learn more about the different electrical software components and how does it work.


Temasek Polytechnic

My internship experience was very eventful and i had a wonderful experience!


Temasek Polytechnic

It was a unique and different experience from what I expected. I experienced firsthand how the digital business side of a company operates and how it handles its social media. Also being familiar with the client's products, brand identity and style to help curate their social media posts and videos was a fun and interesting experience.

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