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Get started learning STEM at home with Sphero BOLT and our how-to resources guide for parents and remote educators.

BOLT is Sphero’s most advanced coding robotic ball to date, providing even more ways to express inventive ideas and experience the power of programming.

Sphero BOLT is ideal for educators to send home with students. With BOLT, STEAM learning can be easily facilitated at home and guided by parents. Packed with plenty of programmable sensors and a colorful LED light matrix, Sphero BOLT is paving the way for the next generation of coders.

  • Display custom graphics and real-time data with BOLT’s 8x8 programmable LED matrix and let your creativity shine through 
  • Equipped with advanced robot sensors that you can program and use to learn more about robotics
  • Play educational games, create your own and learn how to code through hands-on play and STEAM activities
  • Keep the ball rolling longer than ever with 4+ hours of playtime on a single charge
  • Create iridescent experiences with the Sphero BOLT coding robot
  • Recommended for grades 3+ and ages 8+

Tech Specs

Purple icon for Infrared Communication Round robot with a helmet on. Circle with data line inside. Icon of charging cradle with a lightning bolt above. Icon of a compass.
Infrared Communication Waterproof Shell Live Sensors Inductive Charging Magnetometer


Kids play and program in striking new ways

BOLT's programmable sensors include a compass, light sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, motor encoders, and infrared communications. Because of these advanced sensors, manually aiming your Sphero is now a thing of the past. BOLT’s built-in compass lets you automatically aim and drive your educational robot, plus you can program BOLT to follow real-world directions on a map. You can also code with the ambient light sensor that can tell if it’s light or dark, allowing for programming conditions based on brightness.


The Sphero Edu app contains 100+ guided STEAM and computer science lessons, activities, and programs, consisting of varying skill level and content areas. Wondering where to start? We’ve curated a selection of getting started activities to walk you and your kid(s) through the basics of programming and creating with BOLT.

Sphero BOLT At-home Learning Guide

Getting Started with Draw

Draw 1: Shapes: This lesson introduces learners to Sphero by challenging them to draw shapes that represent code and execute that code through the Draw canvas.

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Getting Started with Blocks

Blocks 1: Intro and Loops: This lesson introduces learners to Sphero through an overview of the app, how to create programs using block coding, and how to use loops and operators.

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Diving into BOLT

BOLT Matrix: This lesson introduces learners to the basics of frame by frame animation using the intuitive Sphero Edu Matrix Animator and BOLT’s 8x8 LED matrix.

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An educational robot with prismatic perfection

BOLT’s 8x8 LED light matrix allows you to program your robot using code to display characters, vector graphics, sensor data, or play games on the matrix itself. Sphero BOLT can also 'talk' to other BOLTs using 360° infrared communication. Become a storyteller using multiple robots and program advanced movements to carry out scenes. You won’t be able to take your eyes off it!

Sphero Edu goes #BeyondCode

Sphero Edu provides a STEAM-based toolset unbounded in its potential. Sphero Edu uses programmable robots and STEAM activities to foster students’ creativity through discovery and play while laying the foundation for computer science and other STEM fundamentals. Our program goes #BeyondCode with collaborative play-based activities, nurturing students’ imagination unmatched by other STEM education programs. Cross-platform apps are approachable for all skill levels so you can encourage learning and creativity in any grade.

Learn to code with robotics

Sphero BOLT fosters a love of robotics, coding, and STEM principles – all through play-based learning. Connect to Sphero apps using Bluetooth Smart and program your robot, explore thousands of STEAM activities made by Sphero and the community, and create your own. Then, share your creations with the Sphero community!

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Cleaning & Disinfecting Sphero Products

Wipe and spray away! There are no charging ports or openings to worry about, making these two bots completely waterproof. Just be sure not to use harsh solvents or anything abrasive or sharp to clean them. DO NOT submerge or spray water on the Power Pack. The robots are waterproof, but the Power Pack is not.

Check out our step-by-step guide for how to clean and properly disinfect Sphero robots and littleBits when learning from home.

Get Cleaning Guide

BOLT: Space Mission

Gather some friends and create or join a team! It doesn’t matter your ability level, there will be things that anyone can help with, and what better way to learn something new! BOLT robots are taking flight as spacecrafts and are trying to complete missions in space. Design, program, and engineer solutions to each of the challenges to make sure that BOLTs have a productive and successful mission in space.

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Enhance your learning with Sphero's Computer Science Foundations

Computer Science Foundations is a standards-aligned, supplemental curriculum built on the K12 Computer Science Framework Principles. Scaffolded across three courses and 72 lessons, teachers and students build Draw, Block, and Text coding skills. They then integrate these concepts into curricular content: everything from polygons and poetry to logic-puzzlers and compliment-givers.

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  • Sphero BOLT robot ball
  • Inductive charging base with USB charging cable
  • Maze Tape roll and 360-degree protractor with heading, directions, and clock
  • Sphero sticker sheet
  • Quick start guide