Voltmeter 2-Wire 0.56" LED Display DC 4.5V - 30V



This voltmeter has a huge measuring range and only need 2 wires to work! The measuring range and the input power share the same wire, so it measures directly the input power to the voltmeter. It is designed with reverse polarity protection, so no need to worry if you connect wrongly.

When the voltage is under 10V, the reading will have 2 decimal places, which means the accuracy is 0.01. When it is above 10V, the reading will be 1 decimal place, which means the accuracy is 0.1.

Please note that this voltmeter is *not* waterproof so take extra precaution when handling it.



  • Measuring Range: 4.5V - 30V
  • Power Supply Range: No need for additional power supply, directly use the same voltage as the measure range
  • Maximum Input Voltage: DC30V
  • Measuring Accuracy: ±1%; When voltage is greater than or equal to 10V, the error is ±0.3V; When voltage is less than 10V, the error is ±0.10
  • Display: 0.56" LED Red
  • Input Resistance: >100k Ohm
  • Operating Current: < 23mA
  • Refresh Rate: Once every ~300ms
  • Wire Length: 20cm
  • Dimensions: 48 x 29 x 22mm
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 65°C



  • 1x Voltmeter 2-Wire 0.56" LED Display DC 4.5V - 30V