WiFi Bluetooth Module ESP32-WROOM-32E



ESP32-WROOM-32E is a powerful Wi-Fi+ Bluetooth + Bluetooth Low Energy MCU. It is small in size and supports LWIP protocol, FreeRTOS and works in 3 modes: AP, STA, AP + STA. The core of this module is the ESP32-WROOM-32E chip with two CPU cores that can be individually controlled or powered on. The clock frequency can be adjusted from 80MHz to 240MHz. The ESP32-WROOM-32E also integrates a wealth of peripherals, including capacitive touch sensors, hall sensors, low-noise sense amplifiers, SD card interface, ethernet interface, high-speed SDIO / SPI, UART, I2S and I2C.

The ESP32-WROOM-32E integrates traditional Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi for a wide range of uses: Wi-Fi supports a wide range of communication connections, as well as direct connection to the Internet via a router; Bluetooth allows users to connect their phones or broadcast BLE Beacon for signal detection. The ESP32 chip sleep current is less than 5uA, making it suitable for battery-powered wearable electronic devices. It supports data rates up to 150Mbps and delivers up to 22dBm output power through a power amplifier for maximum range wireless communication. As a result, the chip has industry-leading specifications and offers the highest performance in terms of high levels of integration, wireless transmission distance, power consumption and network connectivity.



  • SPI flash: 32 Mbits, 3.3V
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2 BR/EDR and BLE standards
  • Interface: UART, SPI, SDIO, I2C, PWM, I2S, IR, ADC, DAC
  • On-chip Sensors: Hall sensor, temperature sensor, capacitive touch sensor
  • IO Port: 22
  • Serial Baud Rate: 115200 default
  • Antenna: PCB antenna on board, 2dBi
  • Transmitting Power: 802.11b: 17  2dbm (11Mbps) 802.11g: 14 + 2dbm (54Mbps) 802.11n: 13  2dbm (MCS7)
  • Receiving Sensitivity: CCK, 1Mbps: - 90dbm CCK, 11Mbps: - 85dBm 6Mbps (1 / 2bpsk): - 88dbm 54Mbps (3 / 464-qam): - 70dBm mcs7 (65mbps, 72.2mbps): - 67dbm
  • Security: WPA / WPA2 / WPA2 Enterprise / WPS
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +85°C



  • 1x WiFi Bluetooth Module ESP32-WROOM-32E