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A fun and hands-on guide to the Internet of Things

Celebrate Curiosity, Inspire Imagination.

We believe that curiosity is at the heart of growth and development. We believe in inquiry based learning and the power of learning through hands-on play. At Kuriosity, we facilitate you to build creative confidence and flourish, one digital making project at a time.

Hands on learning and participant inquiry driven.

Build tech and creative confidence with self-made projects that can be taken home.

Small groups or

one-to-one setting to facilitate discussions.


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Event Partnerships

We love sharing our expertise and products with people as passionate as us about electronics. We have partnered with various community events to provide consultations on set-ups and product support. Some notable events include NUS High MakerFest 2019, Science Centre Makerextravaganza 2019, and Tech for Good 2019.

If you have an upcoming hackathon, maker event or other exciting venture in the works, let’s chat!

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Ru Ying Ong

Great fun I had with Kuriosity at its Musical Unicorn workshop. You get a hands-on approach to learning Microbit, programming, and IoT. Think it’s suited really for all ages.

Foo P-j

Learning micro-bit is not difficult for beginners

Stephen Kwek

Extremely eye opening

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